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  • Why You Need to Backup Your Obsidian Vault

    Why You Need to Backup Your Obsidian Vault

    Let me tell you why I think you need to backup your Obsidian vault. I have a large vault in Obsidian. My main vault has over 4,500 notes, and over half a million words in it.  I cherish my notes. I’ve spent countless hours creating, maintaining, and improving them. They have become my Second Brain, helping […]

  • Backing up Your Obsidian Vault on Github (for free!)

    Backing up your obsidian vault on Github is a great way to keep and maintain ongoing backups of your Obsidian Vault. Github offers both public and private repositories for free, so it’s a good option if you want free backups for your Second Brain. There are many more options when it comes to backing up […]