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  • Why You Need to Backup Your Obsidian Vault

    Why You Need to Backup Your Obsidian Vault

    Let me tell you why I think you need to backup your Obsidian vault. I have a large vault in Obsidian. My main vault has over 4,500 notes, and over half a million words in it.  I cherish my notes. I’ve spent countless hours creating, maintaining, and improving them. They have become my Second Brain, helping […]

  • Why isn’t Obsidian Open Source?

    Many people have expressed concerns on the closed source development of the Obsidian application. Obsidian is a wonderful application used by people all over the world, and the concern is understandable. Why isn’t Obsidian open source? Why do we care? One of the core ideas behind Obsidian is the open format of the application. Obsidian […]